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    Tool & Knive

Tool & Knive

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Strike Industries Strike Clicker - Black

Tool & Knive

Wholesale Price: 9.99


Target and strengthen your index fingers with the Strike Clicker. Ambidextrous for either your right or left hand, this pocket-sized index (or thumb) finger trainer has an average pull weight of 2.0 lbs. 2.0 oz. For disciplines that can benefit from a strong index finger, individual training may be critical. You may be surprised how relatively weak your finger may be once you've tried clicking numerous times in a row. The Strike Clicker can be used as an index/thumb finger rehabilitation or prevention tool with constant use.

Say hello to the itchy finger fidget device as a tension release or fidget device. Have some fun building as assembly is required but annoy everyone around you with hours of clicking fun. A simple and fun item on a keychain or lanyard as one of your Everyday Carry (EDC) items. Say hello to the itchy finger fidget device. A bonus use of the Strike Clicker can be as a dog training clicker for positive reinforcement.

*Please note that assembly is required for this product*

x1 Strike Clicker Left Side Shell
x1 trike Clicker Right Side Shell
x1 Lighter Cover Baseplate
x1 Compression Spring
x1 Extention Spring
x4 Screws
x2 Rubber Bands

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 14

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