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ACETECH AC6000 BT Chronograph EX(Without Battery)(Bluetooth Version w/Aluminum Speed Testing Tube-Premium)
[Code: PAC6100-B-101]


Retail Price: 99.99


The ACETECH AC6000 BT chronograph is a high-quality modern chronograph that is easy to use and well made. The chrono is easy to operate and offers a wide gamut of options for users that would test the velocity or energy of your projectile that ranges from 4.5mm to 9mm. This version also includes an aluminum speed testing tube with greatly increases the durability of the unit in case there might be chances BBs strike the speed tube.

The unit can operate via battery power or run off of USB power as well by removing the battery. If you have a rechargeable battery, you can directly recharge the battery by plugging in the cable while the battery is inside. In addition, the unit offers up to 24hrs operation wth battery power making it a superb chrono to bring with you to games.


Easy to Operate Menu
APO Idle Automatic Shutdown Function and Low Voltage Automatic Shutdown
Suitable for 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm BBs
Battery Rechargeable Via The Unit Using The Included USB Cable
Bluetooth Connectivity
iOS and Android App Support
Muzzle Speed Measurement Range 30 - 400 MPS (98 - 1,300FPS)
Burst Speed Measurement Range 100 - 5,000 RPM
Aluminum Speed Testing Tube

x1 ACETECH AC6000 BT Chronograph EX(Without Battery)(Bluetooth Version w/Aluminum Speed Testing Tube-Premium)
x1 Carry Case
x1 USB Cable
x1 User Manual

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 20

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