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G&P WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure)(Gold Chromic Coating) for WA M4A1 [WP179]

Price: 98.90

If you're looking to replace your entire bolt carrier and nozzle set, you may consider the G&P Gold Chromic Coating Bolt Carrier and Negative Pressure Nozzle Complete Set.

This complete set includes a hardened Bolt Carrier and a Negative Pressure Loading Nozzle Set and pre-assembled and ready for use. Simply take your old bolt carrier out, and drop this new set right in, and you're good to go!

Unlike the stock Western Arms system, the amount of gas used per shot by the Negative Pressure Nozzle Set is instead regulated by an independent valve inside the nozzle without the need for contact between a floating valve's plunger and the BB. Thus creating a steady output of gas regardless on how solid the contact between the BB and the nozzle, thereby reducing the chances of Projectile Dysfunction!

Apart from the Negative Pressure system present in this bolt carrier group, this bolt carrier features chromic coating for that custom look and to enable smoother ride of the bolt carrier in the receiver and buffer tube.

Compatible with the following M4 GBBRs:

Western Arms (WA)

Worldwide register air shipping cost USD 8

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